Lapping & Polishing Products For Power Plants and Oil & Gas Industries

Kemet Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems offer the most efficient and reliable method of producing precision flat polished surfaces. Our flat lapping and polishing machines and systems, are at the forefront of today’s advanced lapping technology, especially when used with Kemet Diamond products.

lapping polishing for power oil gas

Kemet 15 Bench Mounted Precision Diamond Flat Lapping And Polishing Machine

The bench-mounted Kemet 15 Lapping machine has a rigid metal construction with a height adjustable worktable. The machine incorporates a digital Process Time and fully automatic Liquid Diamond Dispensing System.

  • Variable Speed
  • Suitable For Lift Off Disc System

kemet 15 lapping machine

Kemet 24 / 36 Precision Diamond Flat Lapping And Polishing Machine

kemet 24 lapping machine

The Kemet 36 has rigid welded tubular section steel frame, which supports the gearbox, drive motor and worktable. It also houses an integral abrasive compound feed and waste tank positional behind lift-off access panels. The machine incorporates a soft starting feature, which smoothly accelerates the lapping plate from stand still to full speed, over a pre-determined time period.

  • Variable Speed
  • Temperature Control
  • Drop Table
  • Pneumatic Lift Or Open Face
  • 3 or 4 Rings Versions

Kemet Diamond Compound

diamond compound

Packed in the unique Applikator to prevent wastage, Kemet Diamond Compound is specially formulated for the lapping and polishing of Tool Steels which provides rapid stock removal and superfine finishes.

Kemet Diamond Products

diamond products

Kemet Diamond Products are available in Standard grade, manufactured with Monocrystalline Diamond Powder, or in our SUPERIOR Premier grade, manufactured with Polycrystalline Diamond Powder. For Kemet Standard and Premier Grades only the highest quality virgin Diamond Powder is used, which must satisfy two important criteria – Shaping and Grading

Kemet Lapping Plate

lapping plates

Kemet composite lapping plates are manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of synthetic resins, metal particles and key bonding/hardening. The plates are designed for Kemet’s advanced lapping technology, perfectly compatible with Kemet Liquid Diamond.

Kemet Pressure Relief Valve Lapping Kit

pressure relief valve lapping kit

Incorrect lapping and or the use of improper equipment is a major contributor to seat leakage, which in turn leads to high emission rates and costs in loss of process. Kemet have produced a lapping kit that can be used on Tyco, Crosby, and Anderson Greenwood pressure relief valves.

Kemet Portable Hand Lapping Kits

portable lapping kits

The use of Kemet Portable Lapping Kits, single or 3 lap, reduce expensive down-time by allowing refurbishment to be carried out ON SITE; components lapped and/or polished by hand in minutes rather than hours. The systems are ideal for components manufactured from ceramics, tungsten carbide, stellite, brass, steel, silicon carbide, Ni-resist etc. Kemet Portable Hand Lapping Kits are also ideally suitable for low volume production, when optimum surface finish is required, and where it is not economical to purchase a lapping or polishing machine

Kemet Flatness Measuring Equipment

flatness measuring

Kemet Flatness Gauges - used to monitor a lapping plate’s flatness and to give an indication of the flatness the plate will produce on a given part size. Kemet Monochromic Light and Kemet Optical Flats - The compact design light is easily transportable and uses a sodium long-life light source. It is supplied with a flatness reading interpretation chart.

LarsLap valve grinding system give your valve a fast and efficient maintenance so you can feel safe and comfortable with your valve environment.

larslap valve grinding machines

Kemet Range Of Ultrasonic System For Cleaning Precision Components

Kemet Cleaning System enable effective reliable and repeatable cleaning results to meet the stringent demands. Available from Bench Top Units to Fully Automated Cleaning Systems

ultrasonic cleaning for oil and gas industry

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