Flatness Measuring Equipment

For use with Kemet Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems, Kemet Flatness Measuring Equipment is designed to assist in the measurement and maintenance of surface flatness.

Optical Flats

optical flat

Produced from Quartz, Kemet Optical Flats are available in single and double sided, 1/4 light band or 1/10 light band accuracy. Special optical flats are available on request. Kemet offers an optical flat reconditioning and calibration service.

Flatness Gauges

Flatness Gauges

The Kemet Flatness Gauge is used to monitor a lapping plate’s flatness and to give an indication of the flatness the plate will produce on a given part size. The Gauge comes with a calibrated double-sided master setting block and is supplied complete with instructions in a fitted case.

Monochromatic Light

Monochromatic Light

Produces clear flatness readings when used with Kemet Optical Flats. The compact designed Light is easily transportable and uses a sodium long-life sodium light source. Supplied with a flatness reading interpretation chart.

Straight Edge

straight edge

For measuring plate flatness. Used with feeler gauges.

Optical Flat Stands

optical flat stands

Stands for large optical flats (250mm diameter and above) for protection of optical flat.

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