Kemet Lapping Plates

Crafted from a uniform blend of synthetic resins, metal particles, and key bonding/hardening agents, these plates are specifically designed for Kemet's advanced lapping technology and seamlessly pair with Kemet Liquid Diamond.

Advantages of Opting for Kemet Lapping Plates

  • Secures diamond particles firmly, ensuring efficient material removal and consistent surface finish on components.
  • The ductile properties act as a cushion for diamond particles, preventing any harm to the workpiece.
  • Available in various hardness levels, enabling safe lapping with diamond particles on even the softest materials without the risk of impregnation.
  • Offers easy control for achieving optimal flatness.
  • Lapping/polishing plates suitable for all lapping machines with plate diameters up to 3000mm.
  • Efficiently dissipates heat and prevents laminar flow on lapped surfaces.
  • Comes with a cast iron backing plate for maximum stability.
  • Highly recommended for applications demanding high-precision flatness and superior surface finish.

The Iron Lapping Plates serve as a widely used option for general-purpose stock removal and lapping operations. Meanwhile, Copper Lapping Plates are specifically employed for lapping softer materials, focusing on achieving fine lapping and polishing results. Copper SP2 Lapping Plates find utility in lapping or polishing hard and medium-hard materials. PR3 Lapping Plates are designated for generating a highly reflective surface finish, making them ideal for pre-pad polishing to minimise roll-off. XL Lapping Plates, acting as replacements for Lead/Tin plates, are utilised for mirror polishing purposes. XP Lapping Plates contribute to improved flat polished surfaces on various materials, capable of producing flat mirror-like surfaces on hard materials. Tin Lapping Plates, being one of the softest in the Kemet Plates lineup, are employed for mirror polishing using fine grades of Kemet Liquid Diamond. Ceramic Lapping Plates, known for their hardness, serve special applications, particularly where a cleaner lapping process is essential. Finally, FP Plates, designed as replacements for Kemet Lead/Tin Plates, offer efficient stock removal while ensuring high-quality surface finish and flatness with Kemet Diamond Slurry.

lapping plate grading

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Grooving for Lapping Plates

Custom grooving options are available for lapping plates, tailored to specific applications. Cast Iron Hand Lapping plates and Dual Face Machine plates commonly feature a cross-hatched pattern, enhancing stock removal rates by generating additional cutting edges in each groove. Alternatively, a Spiral groove pattern is employed, particularly for polishing parts requiring excellent surface finish and flatness. This pattern facilitates the removal of contamination from the cutting surface, simplifying the maintenance of a flat lapping plate contact surface. The groove edges ensure efficient stock removal, even when dealing with small diamond particle sizes.

square grooved lapping plates
spiral grooved lapping plates
concentric grooved lapping plates

Kemet Annular Grooved Plates

Kemet Annular Grooved Plates are crafted for the precise shoulder lapping of diverse components, including fuel pump gear faces and pressure relief valve caps. Custom-manufactured, these plates require specific groove width and depth specifications during the ordering process.

Kemet Annular Grooved Plates

Lapping Plate Lift Off Disc System

The Lapping Plate Lift-Off Disc System from Kemet offers a convenient option for using Lapping Plates. These discs come pre-mounted on an aluminium backing plate that aligns with an aluminium drive plate through three pegs. This design facilitates easy replacement of Lift-Off Discs, making them suitable for lighter-duty tasks that demand overall flatness and precision finish.

lift off plate systems

Cast Iron Hand Lapping Plates

Hand Lapping Plates made of high-quality, low-porosity grey cast iron (Grade 300 to BS1452) are well-suited for applications in laboratories, toolrooms, or maintenance workshops, offering the capability to lap parts to exceptional flatness in lower volumes. Typically featuring a square cross-hatched pattern, these plates are serrated and can be used with an abrasive grit in paste form, producing a consistently dull matte finish on various metallic and non-metallic materials. Additionally, solid (unserrated) hand lapping plates are offered for working with very small workpieces. While three standard plate sizes are available, custom sizes can be accommodated upon request.

Hand Lap Plate Disc Diameter
2” 3” 4” 6” 8” 10” 12” 15" 18” 20" 24”
c/hatch Grooves  - - - 361021 360835 360830 360198 361447 360707 362516 361029
Solid 361733 361797 361736 361738 361739 361997 360264 361192 360762 - 361193

We offer a variety of sizes from 3” to 24” diameter (Other sizes available upon request).

cast iron hand lapping plates

Soft Metal Alloy Hand Polishing Plates

Hand Polishing Plates for Soft Metal Alloys are designed for the application of diamond abrasives, whether in paste or spray form, to achieve polished surfaces on components. Constructed from a lead-based white metal that adheres to BS3332/F standards, this alloy comprises lead, tin, antimony, and traces of other metals, serving as an optimal soft metal matrix for diamond grains. The inclusion of a small charging block is crucial for loading the soft metal surface with diamond abrasive, a necessary preparation step before polishing. These plates are available in two sizes.

Diameter Finish Code
6” (150mm) Solid 361019
12” (300mm) Solid 361046
alloy polishing plate

Cast Iron Lapping Plates

Explore our diverse selection of cast iron lapping plates designed to accommodate various lapping machines. Choose from 15", 24", and 36" options, available in serrated or solid configurations. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

cast iron lapping plates

Portable Hand Lapping Kits

Hand lapping uses the same principles as machine lapping with respect to abrasive grade / plate selection / plate flatness.

hand lapping kits

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