High Precision Lapping and Polishing Service

Kemet International's Contract Lapping Department has the capability to provide solutions to most Flat Lapping and Polishing applications. Our expertise is wide and varied and includes the lapping and polishing of Mechanical Seals, Automotive Components, Aerospace Parts, Medical Components, and Flat Injection Moulding Inserts to name but a few.

high precision lapping

Our contract lapping operations provide accurate, precise and controlled material removal to produce the desired size, shape and dimensions for your applications, while our polishing services produce the perfect, surface finish. Lapping and polishing produce superior results to grinding as they are less damaging to materials and enable precise and exact materials removal, resulting in the smooth, flat surface finish desired.

We can process most types of materials to a specific surface finish and flatness using combinations of Kemet Composite Lapping and Polishing Plates, Polishing Pads, Diamond Slurries, Diamond Suspensions and Lapping compounds. Kemet International's contract lapping services provide you with high quality surface finishes to ensure the best possible performance for your components. Our Contract Lapping Department can also provide matt lapped finishes where required.

Our policy is to provide cost effective solutions, and turnaround times to suit your deadlines. As contract lapping providers, we are always aware that lapping is often the final process of a components manufacture, and we handle your components with this in mind.

Our Process Development Centre is able to conduct tests at no cost to you so that the best process for any application can be tried and tested before adoption on site.

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