Vacuum Solvent Cleaning machines

Unlocking the Power of Efficiency: 99% Material Recovery, Reduced Costs, and More

Imagine a world where waste material becomes a thing of the past, where costs are minimized, economic benefits soar, and sustainability thrives through innovation. Welcome to the realm of Vacuum Solvent Cleaning machines. These remarkable machines, primarily utilizing modified alcohols, offer a host of benefits that promise a brighter, greener future:

  • Minimal Solvent Loss: Say goodbye to excessive costs and environmental harm as these machines significantly reduce solvent loss during the cleaning process.
  • Recycling at Its Best: Through distillation, separation, and filtration, contaminants are removed, allowing oils to be reused in machining processes, and swarf/particles can be recycled or disposed of economically.
  • Safe and Cost-Effective: Operating with modified alcohols boasting a flash point of over 60°C under vacuum, these machines do not require costly ATEX-approved manufacturing rates, ultimately reducing production expenses.
  • Advanced Connectivity: Stay ahead of maintenance with an Ethernet connection that provides online diagnosis of technical issues and predictive maintenance.
  • Unreachable, No More: These machines can reach component areas that are hard to access with Aqueous/HFE solvents, even in blind holes and tubes, thanks to their modified alcohols with lower surface tension.

The latest generation of KP modified alcohol washing machines operates within a complete vacuum treatment cycle, ensuring impeccable cleaning of finished products, all while eliminating waste and oily substances, without releasing any harmful elements into the environment. These systems employ a combination of spray, basket rotation, aqueous cleaning, modified alcohols hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons HFE, and ultrasounds.

Vacuum Solvent Cleaning machines

All KP products share a common goal: to drastically reduce consumption by halving processing cycles, achieving pristine cleanliness thanks to integrated ultrasound technology, and utilizing "universal" washing liquids with minimal environmental impact. The washing cycle can be tailored to different pieces, thanks to the provided software equipped with a microchip, allowing for multiple loading stations with corresponding washing and finishing cycles.

These machines can handle a wide array of materials, including AVP, AVZ, PR 80, 16CrNi4, 16Cr-Ni4Pb, 18CrMo5, 42CrMS4, Aluminum 11s, Brass, Stainless steel Aisi 303, ETG 88, ETG 100, as well as PVC, Teflon, Ergal, and various alloys of copper, bronze, and cast-iron steels.

Recommended applications vary based on quantities, contamination levels, and the size of semi-finished products, making Kleen Power Technology a valuable asset in precision mechanics, automotive, heat treatment, oleodynamic components, springs, fashion accessories, jewelry, electronics, and more.

Single Chamber Cleaning

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Key Features and Equipment

Full vacuum functioning - continuous filtration of washing liquid - continuous distillation continuous monitoring of operation conditions - Easy access for maintenance

Standard Equipment Includes

Complete stainless steel construction - vacuum holding systems - spraying pumps –Vacuum pumps - Cryogenic abatement system - Chip filter - Double washing liquid tank - Touch screen operating panel - Remote assistance via Internet

Optional Equipment:

Ultrasound transducers, with the option of up to five transducers per system, are employed when dealing with stubborn materials like polishing paste that has hardened due to cooking and drying. In such cases, relying solely on hot detergent may not suffice. Additionally, consider incorporating additional filtrations for enhanced cleaning.

Embrace Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

With the distillation and continuous filtration of modified alcohols and hydrocarbons, these machines ensure efficient washing and finishing of metal components, leading to substantial savings. The complete separation of emulsions from water and the recovery of oils during the washing cycles contribute to a virtuous circular economic model.

Flexible Loading Options *

Choose between manual loading platforms with roller conveyors for easy loading and unloading or opt for models equipped with automatic trays and lids for precise control during washing cycles. Automation operations are seamlessly managed by custom software programmed by the technical office.

KP.30 Vacuum Solvent Cleaner

Powered by modified alcohols and HFE hydrocarbons, the KP.30 is a compact washing machine that combines production efficiency with low energy consumption. Its "green technology" ensures a comfortable working environment, with minimal maintenance and virtually no emissions, ensuring maximum safety for operators. The Simatic HMI touch panel integrated into the machine allows for easy machine service operations, control functions, production monitoring, and maintenance alerts, all customizable to your needs. The KP.30 can be equipped with a washing chamber suitable for H30 CM baskets or, typically, H20 baskets.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP 30 200 x 300 x 150 30 1400 x 1400 x 2000 4 - 6 Manual

Single Chamber Cleaning KP30

KP.EASY Vacuum Solvent Cleaner

At the entry level of our product range, KP.EASY packs a punch with these key advantages:

  • Continuous filtration and distillation of the washing liquid
  • Continuous separation of the emulsion with automatic water drain
  • Complete separation of the oil from the washing liquid, with continuous automatic discharge
  • Continuous recording of operational data
  • Remote connection via the Internet
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance

Notably, KP.EASY comes equipped with a manual loading platform, featuring a roller conveyor that effortlessly manages 2+2 baskets for hassle-free discharge of the washed product.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.EASY 50 300 x 450 x 200 50 1600 x 1600 x 2400 3 - 4 Manual
KP.EASY 100 600 x 450 x 200 100 1800 x 1800 x 2600 3 - 4 Manual
KP.EASY 150 900 x 450 x 200 150 2100 x 2400 x 2800 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.EASY 200 1200 x 450 x 200 200 2300 x 2500 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP200

KP.HYBRID Vacuum Solvent Cleaner

Meet KP.HYBRID, a unique washing machine with three tanks designed to deliver long-lasting high productivity while keeping management costs low.

The KP.HYBRID series, available in various sizes (30 - 50 - 100 - 150 - 200), caters to a wide range of quality products, from the compact yet efficient KP.HYBRID 30 to the commanding KP.HYBRID 200, ideal for comprehensive treatments. These machines excel in washing, decontamination, and drying of components, especially those with blind holes or heavy contaminants.

Why Choose HYBRID?

KP.HYBRID's standout feature is its double tank for modified alcohol and a third tank for storing aqueous detergent solution. This ingenious configuration streamlines routine maintenance, minimizing machine downtime and its associated economic and operational drawbacks. The combination of modified alcohol and aqueous detergent solution in a vacuum environment ensures impeccable cleaning of both organic (fats, oils) and inorganic (emulsions, salts) contaminants.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.HYBRID 30 200 x 300 x 150 30 1400 x 1400 x 2000 4 - 8 Manual
KP.HYBRID 50 300 x 450 x 200 50 2000 x 2000 x 2600 4 - 8 Manual
KP.HYBRID 100 600 x 450 x 200 100 2400 x 2200 x 2800 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.HYBRID 150 900 x 450 x 200 150 2400 x 3000 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.HYBRID 200 1200 x 450 x 200 200 2400 x 3000 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP HYBRID 100

KP.HD Vacuum Solvent Cleaner

Experience the epitome of technology for maximum results, safety, efficiency, and economic flexibility with KP.HD. The KP.HD washing machine configuration includes top-notch components like vacuum pumps, a high-performance multi-nozzle spraying system, and optional Ultrasound technology for enhanced performance. This technology effectively removes contaminants such as water, polishing and lapping pastes, oils, emulsions, particles of various compositions, and even fingerprints.

Exceptional cleaning, decontamination, and drying yield perfectly clean metal surfaces, delivering outstanding results in subsequent processing phases such as galvanization, PDV treatment, powder coating, welding, coating, and gluing. KP.HD stands as the champion choice for industries handling delicate and specialized products, including fashion, taps, sintered items, precision turned parts for watches, jewelry, and the medical field.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.HD 50 300 x 450 x 270 50 1800 x 2100 x 2700 4 - 8 Manual
KP.HD 100 450 x 600 x 270 100 2300 x 2400 x 2800 4 - 8 Manual or Automatic
KP.HD 150 450 x 900 x 250 150 2300 x 2600 x 2800 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.HD 200 450 x 1200 x 200 200 2300 x 2800 x 2800 4 - 8 Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP HD

KP.HMA Vacuum Solvent Cleaner

The KP.HMA line is your answer to high production demands and extensive contaminant challenges. Operating under vacuum conditions up to 1 millibar, and boasting a rich array of standard and optional equipment, KP.HMA showcases the pinnacle of metal finishing technology. Its structural modularity allows it to adapt over time, integrating a third tank for specific washing liquids, a protective agent application group, additional filtration units, and the option to incorporate one or more generators with ultrasound transducers.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.HMA 50 300 x 450 x 200 50 1800 x 1800 x 2600 4 - 8 Manual
KP.HMA 100 600 x 450 x 200 100 1900 x 2100 x 2800 4 - 8 Manual or Automatic
KP.HMA 150 900 x 450 x 200 150 2150 x 2400 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic
KP.HMA 200 1200 x 450 x 200 200 2500 x 2400 x 3000 4 - 8 Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP HMA 200

KP.MAX Vacuum Solvent Cleaner

Behold the largest member of the KP KleenPower family! With a generously sized washing chamber, KP.MAX delivers impeccable treatment for very high production volumes or oversized loads. Operating entirely under vacuum and equipped with a wealth of standard and optional features, KP.MAX meets the needs of large-scale production in record time. For complex cases with high contamination levels, we also offer a "dedicated series" designed in compliance with energy and eco-sustainable standards, addressing even the most challenging scenarios.

Model Load Dimensions (mm) Load Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Cycles (hours) Loading Platform*
KP.MAX 400 1200 x 450 x 300 400 2450 x 3300 x 3100 3 - 6 Manual or Automatic
KP.MAX 600 600 x 1000 x 600 600 2450 x 3300 x 3100 3 - 6 Manual or Automatic
KP.MAX 800 800 x 1200 x 800 800 2450 x 3300 x 3100 3 - 6 Manual or Automatic

Single Chamber Cleaning KP MAX 600

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