Special Purpose Ultrasonic Baths

Additional to the range of standard systems, Kemet can design and produce bespoke systems to suit your application.

These can range from a simple robust single or multi automatic ultrasonic cleaning systems, Kemet can provide a solution to the following requirements:

  • High production capacity
  • Easy handling of heavy objects
  • Good operator safety e.g. if process includes aggressive chemicals

Ultrasonic Baths

These Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems cater for requirements of a special size and shape within a standard programme. These are very versatile Ultrasonic Baths as we can cater to specific dimensions, making them both flexible and affordable solutions.

large ultrasonic baths

Kemet can offer you well tested experience in tailoring of automated cleaning systems including automation, drying, fluid handling and other options. Basket transporters can handle loads of up to 1000 kg.

Different models for single, multi or simultaneous parts handling are available depending on the load and capacity requirements.

Custom built industrial cleaning machines are used for production cleaning of practically any shape of metal parts, including tubes and metal strip. The systems are characterized by completely stainless steel construction and full encapsulation for operator safety and better working environment.

We have a team of Technical Respresentatives throughout the UK who can also advise on Kemet’s range.

  • Extensive range of concentrated detergents
  • Kemet’s own chemists, to give advice
  • Factory Acceptance testing, commissioning and training
  • Test and demonstration either on site or at Kemet’s facilities
  • Cleaning Specialists Servicing contracts

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