Diamond Paste / Diamond Compound

Kemet Diamond Paste and Kemet Diamond Compound are available in different packaging sizes, such as 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, and 1kg containers. The special Applikator guarantees precise dispensing of the diamond compound without any syringe leakage. Additionally, diamond paste can be used in Metallography applications. You can also find Diamond Compound Applikator Sticks made of Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline materials, which eliminate the need for spatulas or manual application. These products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance standards.

* No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs refer to organic chemicals that exhibit a significant vapor pressure at normal room temperature, and some of these chemicals can pose risks to human health and the environment.
zero voc

Which polishing paste is the most appropriate choice for your specific application needs?

When it comes to achieving the desired surface finish on tools, a certain level of roughness is often required, ranging from technically smooth to a deep high gloss. The selection of suitable tools plays a crucial role in this process.

Now, let's delve into the different types of diamond paste available. Every Kemet diamond paste consists of a combination of diamond powder, which is categorized by its specific grade and concentration, and a chemical carrier. These pastes incorporate either mono or polycrystalline diamonds, meticulously sorted according to their grain size using a specialized vision system. By ensuring that all diamond grains in the paste possess identical dimensions, Kemet diamond pastes guarantee consistent performance throughout their usage. The chemical carriers employed in these pastes are carefully formulated to cater to specific applications, resulting in a comprehensive range of products that are tailored to diverse materials and application methods.

which diamond paste is best

which diamond compound is best

Manual polishing

When performing manual polishing, the speed at which the polishing tool operates is relatively low. However, if you desire quick and efficient results, it is crucial to have a high cutting force. This is where the water-based KD diamond paste comes into play, as it is specifically designed to meet these requirements for various metals. The KD paste offers different concentrations of diamond, making it suitable for all types of metal polishing tasks. For rapid stock removal, the 90 µm KD paste is highly effective. It ensures that material is removed swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to progress through the polishing process quickly. As you continue with the polishing procedure, you can gradually transition to finer and finer grits of diamond paste. By using the 0.1 µm paste, you can achieve a super smooth and flawless finish.

The type KD Diamond Paste is a versatile diamond compound that serves the purpose of both stock removal and achieving an exceptionally fine surface finish. It has the unique quality of being soluble in both oil and water, providing flexibility in choosing the appropriate medium for your polishing needs. This diamond compound is particularly recommended for applications in Toolroom and Precision Engineering. Its reliable performance and consistent results make it a preferred choice among professionals in these fields. Furthermore, the KD Diamond Paste is available in a range of concentrations for each micron size. This allows you to select the concentration level that best suits your specific polishing requirements. The available concentrations are categorized from C1 (lowest concentration) to C4 (highest concentration), providing you with options to achieve optimal results based on the desired outcome and the characteristics of the material being polished.

TYPE KD - Oil / Water soluble
Diamond Grade Color diamond paste applikator diamond paste syringe diamond paste syringe diamond paste stick
5g AppliKator 10g syringe 20g Syringe 10g Stick
Code Code Code Code
1/10-KD-C2 gray 111002 111126 111095 -
¼-KD-C2 111004 111128 111097 -
1-KD-C1 Blue 111005 111129 111098 113189
1-KD-C2 111006 111130 111099
1-KD-C3 111007 111131 111100
3-KD-C1 Green 111008 111132 111101 113190
3-KD-C2 111009 111133 111102
3-KD-C3 111010 111134 111103
3-KD-C4 111011 111135 111104
6-KD-C1 Yellow 111012 111136 111105 113191
6-KD-C2 111013 111137 111106
6-KD-C3 111014 111138 111107
8-KD-C1 Red 111015 111139 111108 113192
8-KD-C2 111016 111140 111109
8-KD-C3 111017 111141 111110
8-KD-C4 111018 111142 111111
14-KD-C1 Brown 111019 111143 111112 113193
14-KD-C2 111020 111144 111113
14-KD-C3 111021 111145 111114
25-KD-C1 Mahogany 111022 111146 111115 113194
25-KD-C2 111023 111147 111116
25-KD-C3 111024 111148 111117
45-KD-C1 Purple 111025 111149 111118 113195
45-KD-C2 111026 111150 111119
45-KD-C3 111027 111151 111120
60-KD-C1 Orange 111028 111152 111121 113196
60-KD-C2 111029 111153 111122
90-KD-C1 White 111030 111154 111123 -
90-KD-C2 111031 111155 111124

Other sizes available, please contact us for your requirements

Machine polishing of molds

Machine polishing of molds involves the use of various tools such as electric or compressed air powered hand motors, and even ultrasonic equipment. These tools operate at higher speeds, generating increased heat during the polishing process. To address this, the use of L oil-based diamond paste is highly recommended due to its exceptional heat resistance. This makes it suitable for direct application on injection molds. One of the notable properties of the L diamond paste is its slight stickiness, which allows it to adhere well to the polishing tool. This characteristic enables precise and accurate polishing with a minimal amount of diamond paste. Moreover, Type L diamond paste is highly concentrated, ensuring effective performance. In case dilution is necessary, adding oil maintains its suspension properties, keeping the paste perfectly mixed and ready for use.

Specifically formulated for hard materials like Tungsten Carbide, Hardened Steels, and Ceramics, Type L diamond paste is an oil-soluble compound designed to provide exceptional results. Its carrier exhibits high thermal stability, enabling the diamond compound to withstand the frictional heat generated during the polishing process. This stability ensures that the Kemet Diamond Compound remains intact and maintains its suspension properties even under demanding operating conditions. Due to its superior characteristics, Type L diamond paste is highly recommended for applications in Toolroom and General Production settings, where precision and quality are essential. By utilizing this specialized diamond compound, professionals can achieve remarkable results in the polishing and refinement of molds, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the finished products.

TYPE L - Oil soluble
Diamond Grade Color diamond paste applikator diamond paste syringe diamond paste syringe
5g AppliKator 10g syringe 20g Syringe
Code Code Code
1-L-C1 Blue 112001 112069 112052
1-L-C2 112002 112070 112053
3-L-C1 Green 112003 112071 112054
3-L-C2 112004 112072 112055
6-L-C1 Yellow 112005 112073 112143
6-L-C2 112006 112074 112138
8-L-C1 Red 112007 112075 112058
8-L-C2 112008 112076 112059
14-L-C1 Brown 112009 112077 112060
14-L-C2 112010 112078 112061
25-L-C1 Mahogany 112011 112079 112062
25-L-C2 112012 112080 112063
45-L-C1 Purple 112013 112081 112064
45-L-C2 112014 112082 112065
45-L-C3 112015 112086 112066
60-L-C1 Orange 112016 112085 112067
90-L-C1 White 112017 112084 112068

Other sizes available, please contact us for your requirements

What to use with carbide?

When it comes to working with carbide, the key to achieving success lies in selecting the right paste to accompany it. Kemet, a renowned developer in the field, has ingeniously crafted the OS diamond paste, tailored specifically for this purpose. This exceptional oil-soluble product demonstrates remarkable efficacy, swiftly delivering the desired outcomes in the realm of polishing hardened steels and carbide.

Unveiling the Type OS Diamond Compound, or more commonly known as Diamond Paste, Kemet presents a groundbreaking solution meticulously designed to cater to the demands of working with resilient materials such as tungsten carbide, hardened steels, and ceramics. This cutting-edge compound boasts superior thermal stability, thanks to its specially formulated chemical carrier. This inherent stability empowers the Kemet Diamond Compound OS to effectively withstand the rigors of frictional heat, ensuring it remains unwaveringly stable and preserves its suspension properties even in the most challenging operating conditions. Furthermore, Kemet offers a range of sizes for this exceptional product, catering to diverse preferences and requirements, with customized sizes also available upon request.

By employing the OS diamond paste in conjunction with carbide, craftsmen and professionals unlock a world of possibilities. The formidable combination of carbide and Kemet's OS Diamond Compound empowers users to achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency in their endeavors. With this powerful duo at their disposal, craftsmen can confidently navigate the intricate realm of carbide, effortlessly realizing their visions and achieving exceptional results.

Remember, the key to unlocking the full potential of carbide lies in selecting the perfect paste companion. With Kemet's OS diamond paste, individuals gain access to a game-changing solution, expertly formulated to elevate their performance and unlock new realms of possibilities when working with carbide, hardened steels, and ceramics. Step into the realm of precision and embrace the future of craftsmanship with Kemet's Type OS Diamond Compound.

Diamond Grade Color diamond paste applikator diamond paste syringe diamond paste syringe
5g AppliKator 10g syringe 20g Syringe
Code Code Code
1/10-OS-C1 gray 114001   114094
1/10-OS-C2 gray 114002   114095
¼-OS-C1 gray 114003   114096
¼-OS-C2 gray 114004 114033 114097
1-OS-C1 Blue 114005 114129 114098
1-OS-C2 Blue 114006 114130 114099
1-OS-C3 Blue 114007 114131 114164
3-OS-C1 Green 114008 114132 114101
3-OS-C2 Green 114009 114133 114102
3-OS-C3 Green 114010 114134 114163
3-OS-C4 Green 114011 114135 114104
6-OS-C1 Yellow 114012 114136 114105
6-OS-C2 Yellow 114013 114137 114106
6-OS-C3 Yellow 114014 114138 114107
8-OS-C1 Red 114015 114139 114108
8-OS-C2 Red 114016 114140 114109
8-OS-C3 Red 114017 114141 114110
8-OS-C4 Red 114021 114142 114113
14-OS-C1 Brown 114019 114143 114111
14-OS-C2 Brown 114020 114144 114112
14-OS-C3 Brown 114021 114145 114166
25-OS-C1 Mahogany 114022 114146 114114
25-OS-C2 Mahogany 114023 114147 114115
25-OS-C3 Mahogany 114024 114148 114165
45-OS-C1 Purple 114025 114149 114117
45-OS-C2 Purple 114026 114150 114118
45-OS-C3 Purple 114027 114151 114119
60-OS-C1 Orange 114028 114152 114177
60-OS-C2 Orange 114029 114153 114121
90-OS-C1 White 114030   114122
90-OS-C2 White 113031 114032 114123

Other sizes available, please contact us for your requirements

Polishing of coatings

When it comes to dealing with tough and enduring protective coatings, a distinctive method is needed to achieve optimal results. Enter the remarkable Kemet CP diamond paste, which harnesses the power of polycrystalline diamond. This extraordinary paste proves to be the ideal solution for meticulously polishing DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coatings as well as various ceramic materials. With its advanced composition, the Kemet CP diamond paste offers exceptional efficacy in the art of polishing. The inclusion of polycrystalline diamond particles allows for unparalleled precision and effectiveness when working with hard and wear-resistant coatings. By employing this specialized paste, the process of refining and perfecting protective coatings is elevated to a new level of excellence.

Specifically designed for DLC coatings, the Kemet CP diamond paste demonstrates outstanding compatibility, ensuring that the polishing procedure achieves the desired outcome. Furthermore, its remarkable versatility extends beyond DLC coatings, making it equally suitable for the meticulous polishing of diverse ceramic materials. Thanks to the utilization of polycrystalline diamond in its formulation, this extraordinary paste excels in removing imperfections, blemishes, and irregularities, thus resulting in flawlessly polished surfaces. The hardness and resilience of the polycrystalline diamond particles enable them to effectively smooth out even the most challenging coatings, guaranteeing an impeccable finish.

Type CP Diamond Compounds

  5g 10g 20g
Micron Code Code Code
1/10 115020 115050 115030
1/4 115021 115051 115031
1/2 115022 115052 115032
1 115023 115053 115033
3 115024 115054 115034
6 115025 115055 115035
9 115026 115056 115036
15 115027 115057 115037

Other sizes available, please contact us for your requirements

Nevertheless, technology remains in a constant state of evolution. We invite you to present our laboratories with challenges to create novel formulations tailored to your specific application needs.

Diamond Paste for Die Polishing - DiaVers

DiaVers Diamond Paste, branded as a remarkable solution for die polishing, offers a highly efficient and effective method. Tailored specifically to meet the demands of the mold polishing industry, this paste ensures swift removal of excess material while achieving a superior surface finish. Its unique formula has been carefully crafted to yield outstanding outcomes in a shorter timeframe, reducing the number of polishing steps required. Consequently, this not only lowers costs but also enhances the quality of the resulting components. A key highlight of DiaVers Diamond Paste is its utilization of sharper diamond particles, enabling exceptional cutting performance. These particles effortlessly penetrate even the most challenging materials, making it an optimal choice for working with hard-to-polish molds. Furthermore, the paste incorporates a new oil-based carrier with superior lubricating properties, thereby enhancing the final product's surface finish.

Beyond its innovative composition, DiaVers Diamond Paste offers enhanced adhesion to laps such as felts or wooden laps. This feature ensures the paste remains securely in place during the polishing process, leading to a consistently excellent finish. Moreover, the paste exhibits stability up to 200°C, allowing it to be used on molds that have not yet cooled, saving valuable time and boosting polishing productivity. DiaVers Diamond Paste stands out as an eco-friendly option for polishing, as it is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Its formulation excludes any harmful substances, making it a safe choice for workplace use without any negative health effects. Combining all these attributes, DiaVers Diamond Paste proves to be a dependable and efficient tool for die polishing, delivering exceptional results at a cost-effective price point.

Micron 5g Applicator 5g Syringe 10g Syringe  20g Syringe 
1 115558 115534 115541 115548
3 115507 115535 115542 115549
6 115508 115536 115543 115550
8 115559 115537 115544 115551
14 115560 115538 115545 115552
25 115561 115539 115546 115553
45 115562 115556 115557 115555
60 115563 115540 115547 115554

Diamond Paste for Die Polishing

SupaFinish Diamond Compound

Introducing SupaFinish, the latest collection of oil-based Polycrystalline Diamond Compound. Originally designed for the medical industry, it is also perfectly suited for demanding polishing tasks where achieving an exceptional final surface finish is of utmost importance. This remarkable compound combines a unique mixture of polycrystalline diamond powder, carefully graded and concentrated, with a chemical carrier that offers optimal surface finish, effortless cleaning, lubrication to prevent drying, and resistance to temperature changes.

Micron 10g Syringe 
1 151400
3 151401
6 151402

SupaFinish Diamond Compound

Type W diamond paste

The Type W diamond paste is a specialized diamond compound that is water-soluble, meaning it can easily dissolve in water. It is specifically designed for use in Precision Engineering and Electronic Applications, particularly in situations where water-based products are preferred or necessary. This diamond compound offers several advantages, such as compatibility with water-based systems and a reduced risk of contamination. It provides exceptional performance and precision in polishing various materials. One of the key applications for this diamond compound is on Polishing Cloths, where it truly shines. When applied to a Polishing Cloth, the Type W diamond paste delivers outstanding results, enabling the achievement of high-quality finishes on a wide range of surfaces. Whether you're working with delicate electronic components or intricate precision-engineered parts, this diamond compound proves to be an ideal choice. Its water-soluble nature ensures easy cleanup and minimizes the potential for residue buildup. Additionally, the Type W diamond paste exhibits excellent cutting and polishing properties, allowing for efficient material removal and surface refinement. This makes it particularly beneficial in tasks that demand fine-tuned precision and smooth, flawless finishes.

Each micron size is available in a range of concentrations:- (C1 lowest concentration; C4 highest concentration)

TYPE W - Water soluble
Diamond Grade Color diamond paste applikator diamond paste syringe diamond paste syringe
5g AppliKator 10g syringe 20g Syringe
Code Code Code
1-W-C1 Blue 113005 113129 113098
1-W-C2 113006 113130 113100
1-W-C3 113007 113131 113099
3-W-C1 Green 113008 113132 113101
3-W-C2 113009 113133 113102
3-W-C3 113010 113134 113103
3-W-C4 113011 113135 113104
6-W-C1 Yellow 113012 113136 113105
6-W-C2 113013 113137 113106
6-W-C3 113014 113138 113107
8-W-C1 Red 113015   113108
8-W-C2 113016 113141 113109
8-W-C3 113017   113110
8-W-C4 113018 113142 113111
14-W-C1 Brown 113019 113143 113112
14-W-C2 113020 113144 113113
14-W-C3 113021 113145 113127
25-W-C1 Mahogany 113022 113146 113115
25-W-C2 113023 113147 113116
25-W-C3 113024 113148 113166
45-W-C1 Purple 113025 113149 113118
45-W-C2 113026   113119
45-W-C3 113027 113151 113120
60-W-C1 Orange 113028 113152 113121
60-W-C2 113029 113154 113122
90-W-C1 White -   113123
90-W-C2 113031 113153 113124

Other sizes available, please contact us for your requirements

Diamond Compound Color Chart

Micron Grade Color
0.1 140,000*  
0.25 25,000*  
1 14,000*  
3 8,000*  
6 3,000*  
8 1,800*  
14 1,200*  
25 600  
45 300  
60 230  
90 170  


Diamond paste for Aluminum Polishing

Aluminum polishing is enhanced with Kemet's unique diamond paste, X-L2(S), specifically designed for precise and efficient polishing. It surpasses traditional diamond compounds in terms of swift material removal. This compound is engineered to withstand high temperatures and pressure without deteriorating. It comes in a convenient 20g syringe and is available in a range of micron sizes, from 1 to 45.

Diamond products for Electronics Industry

We have created exclusive diamond products using both monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond powders, tailored specifically for the electronics industry. These products include specialized pastes and slurries. They find various applications in magnetic heads, ferrites, disc texturing, altic, special ceramics, electro-optical devices, and sapphire polishing. Our diamond products are available in water, oil, and emulsion formulations, as well as suspension treated options. We offer a range of viscosities to accommodate specific lapping processes. Whether you prefer monocrystalline or polycrystalline diamond, our products deliver exceptional results with faster material removal, superior surface finishing, and minimized sub-surface damage. Rest assured, our diamond products are agglomerate-free, ensuring they won't cause any scratching during the polishing process.

How to use Diamond Paste

  1. Prior to polishing, make sure the substrate you intend to polish is clean and free from dirt, debris, or previous coatings. Use a mild detergent or solvent to thoroughly clean the surface, followed by rinsing with clean water. Ensure the substrate is completely dry before proceeding.
  2. Diamond paste is highly concentrated, so a small amount goes a long way. Begin by applying a small quantity of diamond paste onto the lapping plate or flat surface.
  3. Spread the diamond paste evenly across the lapping plate or flat surface, ensuring a uniform distribution without any clumps or gaps.
  4. The amount of diamond paste needed depends on the size of the substrate and the desired level of abrasiveness. Generally, a small pea-sized amount is sufficient for most applications.
  5. Place the substrate onto the lapping plate or flat surface, ensuring proper contact between the diamond paste and the substrate.
  6. Depending on the substrate's hardness, apply gentle and even pressure while moving the substrate in circular, figure-eight, or back-and-forth motions. Avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent uneven results or substrate damage.
  7. Maintain consistent pressure and motion throughout the polishing process to ensure uniform material removal and even distribution of the diamond particles.
  8. Pause periodically during polishing to inspect the substrate's surface. Rotate the substrate by 90 degrees to maintain parallelism and check for any visible scratches, imperfections, or desired levels of shine.
  9. After each polishing stage, thoroughly clean the substrate to remove any residue or excess diamond paste. Inspect the surface for any remaining imperfections or scratches before proceeding to the next step.
  10. Once the desired level of polishing is achieved, ensure thorough cleaning of the substrate to eliminate any traces of diamond paste residue. Using an ultrasonic cleaner is highly recommended for this final cleaning step.

Technical articles on the usage of Diamond Paste

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