Petrographic & Geology Thin Sections -
Kemtech III

The Kemtech III Geological Lapping Machine is able to accurately lap and polish thin sections mounted on glass slides down to 30 microns. Metered dosing of conventional and/or diamond abrasives is applied to the lapping plate using the aKu-Disp Geo peristaltic dispenser. The Kemet Lift Off Disc system allows quick transitions between the lapping and polishing stages.

geological lapping machine

Features & Benefits:

  • 2 driven rings as standard with the capacity for up to 3
  • Integrated abrasive tank with stirrer
  • Accurate peristaltic dispensing system for metered dosing
  • Cast Iron serrated LOD for Lapping
  • Aluminum LOD for Polishing
  • Variable Speed up to 70 rpm
  • Sealed, maintenance free, reduction gearbox
  • 4.3” HMI Touchscreen
  • Water trap and filter
  • Stand-alone vacuum pump
  • Connectors to suit Kemet vacuum jigs, which are available as an optional extra
  • Product code: 363750

Recommended Accessories & Consumables for the Kemtech III

Description Code
Set of 3 Cast Iron Serrated Conditioning Rings 360203
Set of 3 Plastic Faced Conditioning Rings 361521
380 mm Cast Iron Serrated Lift Off Plate 362433
380 mm Aluminum Lift Off Disc 361001
380 mm Aluminum Drive Plate 361002
380 mm Thin Metal Disc (For use with magnetic system) 342563
380 mm Magnetic Disc 345773
Recommended Consumables Code
Green Silicon Carbide Powder F600 1Kg 361513
380 mm PSU-M Chemo-Textile Cloth  341011
380 mm MRE Short Napped Final Polishing Pad 341715
Diamond Suspension (Water based mono
9 Micron AQUAPOL-M 219442
6 Micron AQUAPOL-M 219448
3 Micron AQUAPOL-M 219440
1 Micron AQUAPOL-M 219450

Kemtech IV - Ideal for concrete sample preparation

The Kemtech IV geological lapping machine has a 20” lapping plate with driven rings as an option. It comes fully equipped and ready to use and is suitable for vacuum jigs of slides up to 152 x 102 mm. It can also lap components up to 191mm diameter (7.5”) across the largest dimension. In certain circumstances larger components can be accommodated.

The machine is equipped with three conditioning rings running against freely rotating rollers mounted in fully adjustable yokes. Lap plate flatness can be easily controlled by conditioning ring position. The automatic slurry dispenser system is mounted in one corner of the machine. The lap plate rotates at 70rpm on fixed speed machines and is variable between 7 and 70rpm on the variable speed drive versions. The machine controls are housed in a separate box mounted on the front wall of the base. In all cases, the lapping operation is controlled by an adjustable timer.

concrete thin section lapping
thin section of concrete

Thin section of concrete

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