Polishing Pads / Polishing Cloths

Kemet Chemo-textile Pads

These are manufactured to the highest standards with accurately controlled uniform thickness. Self-adhesive, and available in medium (PSU-M) and hard (PAD-K) formats. Chem Cloth is also available for Chemo-mechanical Polishing.

Pack of 10 Diameter (mm)
Type 75 150 200 250 300 380
PSU-M 341021 341007 341008 341009 341010 341011
PAD-K 341037 341020 341017 341028 341039 341024


A firm, dense and uniform non-woven polishing pad with absorbent fibers, mechanically and chemically bonded. It has a buffed surface and produces excellent flatness. It is intended for general polishing with diamond compounds, 25 micron or finer.

psu-m cloth


The ultra-hard chemo-textile pad used where fast cutting is needed.

pad-k cloth

Kemet Silk-Type Pads

Kemet silk-type pads have been developed for finishing metal specimens and components.

Pack of 10 Diameter (mm)
Type 150 200 250 300 380
ASFL 341147 341148 341162 341111 341112
MSFL 341751 341752 341754 341755 341756
MSR 341701 341702 341707 341704 341705
MST 341761 341762 341764 341763 341765
ASR - 341120 341119 341103 341129
AST   E06749 E06750 341279 -


Self adhesive woven artificial polishing pad constructed with an internal barrier film. The adhesive backing is protected from hydrocarbon or oil-based slurries and lubricants. Suitable for the preparation of metallurgical specimens with fine diamond compounds 6µm or finer. Achieves excellent flatness and surface finish.

msfl cloth


Will polish metal flat, and to a mirror finish. Best results are obtained when used with Kemet Diamond Compound or Diamond Suspension 3 micron and finer. Water resistant adhesive (oil resistant available).

msfl cloth


Similar to MSFL with rigid plastic backing. It has good chemical resistance and produces excellent flatness and a mirror finish on most metals. The cloth face is synthetic silk mounted onto a fluid resistant barrier.

msr cloth


An extra hard, rigid silk cloth for increased cutting action.

mst cloth


Suitable for the preparation of metallurgical specimens with fine diamond compounds 6μm or finer. Mounted on a rigid barrier foil. The adhesive backing is protected from hydrocarbon or oil-based slurries and lubricants. Achieves excellent flatness and surface finish.

asr pad


Used for increased cutting action and good general flatness control. Use with 15 - 6 micron diamond before final polishing.

ast pad

Kemet Nap-Type Pads

For final polishing stages of preparation, Kemet Nap Type Pads are available with a range of softness and nap length. They give a more gentle polish, and are ideal for softer specimens and components. All pads are self-adhesive unless marked ‘plain'.

Pack of 10 Diameter (mm)
Type 150 200 250 300 380
MBL 341721 341722 341726 341724 341725
MRE 341711 341712 341716 341714 341715
NSH-B 341256 341257 341246 341203 341243
NLH 341241 341205 341247 341206 341248
Chem H 341779 341782 341783 341784 341865
LIL-Plus 341613 341611 341610 341609 -
Kan 341075 341076 341077 341070 -

Roll Material

Type Unit Code
MRE 50" wide x 1yd 341236
Selvyt SR 1400mm wide x 1m 341305


Synthetic flock sprayed on cotton carrier. Used with 3 micron Kemet Diamond Compound after 6 micron ASF-AW stage.

mbl cloth


Synthetic flock sprayed on a flexible waterproof carrier. A more heavy duty pad for use with 6 micron Kemet Diamond Compound and finer.

mre cloth


A short nap pad with woven backing used for metallographic and some optical polishing operations. Commonly used with Kemet Diamond Compound 3 Micron and finer.

nsh-b cloth


A very soft, flocked polishing pad made with absorbent viscose fibers bound with a polyurethane resin on a woven cotton substrate. It is intended for final polishing with abrasive slurries or diamond compound 3µm or finer.

nlh cloth

Chem H

Buffed polyurethane with microscopic voids, laminated to a non-woven substrate. A more closed pore structure which gives a longer life time and higher stock removal. The very fine fibers are mainly horizontally oriented and they make the pad more dense. Ideal polishing pad for use with colloidal silica chemical mechanical polishing.

chem h cloth


A long nap synthetic pad. Commonly used with 3 micron Kemet Diamond compound or finer.

lil plus cloth

Selvyt SR

A cotton pad of medium nap with a single pile. Available only as non-adhesive.

selvyt sr cloth


High quality woven textile made of 100% wool. This pad gives excellent flatness and high quality polished finishes when used with diamond compounds from 1-6 Micron. For intermediate and final polishing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and polymers.

kan cloth

Metallographic Disc Storage Unit

Storage unit for protecting polishing pads, discs and cutting wheels with a diameter of up to 300mm
Dimensions - 320 x 251 x 332 mm (WxHxD)
Number of draws - 9
Product code - 363211

disc storage unit