Diamond Cut off Wheels

Diamond coated sample preparation cut-off wheels available from 75-350mm diameters. Other sizes available on request. It is recommended that Kemet Cutting and Coolant Fluid be used with these wheels.

Diamond Cut off Wheels

Diamond Cut Off wheels are normally used for cutting hard materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramic and glass. Diamond cut off wheels are used on low speed cut off machines, where you can accurately cut the material into even sections (Eg cutting sections for metallurgical analysis).

Diameter Thickness Arbor Code Type / Materials
75mm 0.15mm 12.7mm 600017 High concentration Metal Bond for ferrous metals and medium / hard ceramics.
100mm 0.3mm 12.7mm 600018
125mm 0.4mm 12.7mm 600019
150mm 0.5mm 12.7mm 600026
175mm 0.6mm 12.7mm 600028
200mm 0.8mm 12.7mm 600029
75mm 0.15mm 12.7mm 600032 Low concentration Metal Bond for ceramics, glass and geological samples.
100mm 0.3mm 12.7mm 600033
125mm 0.4mm 12.7mm 600034
150mm 0.5mm 12.7mm 600035
175mm 0.6mm 12.7mm 600036
200mm 0.8mm 12.7mm 600037
100mm 0.4mm 12.7mm 600038 Continuous Rim Diamond Cut off Wheels for Petrography.
150mm 1.0mm 12.7mm 600044
200mm 1.35mm 12.7mm 600048
250mm 1.35mm 32mm 600049
300mm 1.6mm 32mm 600059
350mm 2.4mm 32mm 600075

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