Thin Section Machine for Cutting & Grinding

A precision thin section cutting and grinding machine, for fast and precise material removal on petrographic thin sections, the Kemtech Geo performs both the cutting and grinding processes. On the cutting module, the slide mounted specimen is fixed on a holder with vacuum and sectioned up to a thickness of 0.5mm. Water cooling during cutting avoids deformation and heat degradation. On the grinding module, the grind position can be adjusted, with an encoder displaying the grinding position on the HMI to 0.001mm resolution, ensuring high precision.

Thin Section Cutting & Grinding Machine

  • Large cutting compartment with T-slot table 170mm x 100mm with integrated x-axis movement
  • 120mm (L) x 65mm (H) cutting capacity
  • 50mm length leadscrew for adjusting cutting position
  • 200 or 250mm cut off diamond wheels
  • Grinding compartment with T-slot table 180mm x 130mm
  • 175mm diameter Grinding wheel
  • Fine pitch screw for adjusting grind position with encoder feedback to display grinding position on HMI to 0.001mm resolution.
  • High Torque Dual Shaft Motor 0.75kW
  • Variable speed 500-2000rpm
  • 1-3 samples can be processed simultaneously
  • Integrated vacuum pump with vacuum sensor for power saving intermittent pump control and integral automatic water drain
  • Dual LED lights provide illumination inside machine
  • 4.3” HMI Touchscreen
  • Recirculating cooling system with 50l/min capacity pump and 10 micron filter paper
  • Completely enclosed polycarbonate cutting and grinding chambers with interlocked doors
  • Vacuum holders available for slide mounted sample processing.
  • Corrosion free Aluminum cast base
  • Installation, Operation, and maintenance manual included
  • Warranty: 1 year
Thin Section Machine dimensions
Model Kemtech Geo
Grinding and Cutting Speed, (rpm) 500 - 2000
Cutting Wheel Dia., (mm) 200 / 250
Grinding Wheel Dia., (mm) 175
Recirculating Tank (Optional), (lt) 50
Glass Slide Dimensions 51 x 26
76 x 26
76 x 51
Motor Power, (HP) 0.75kW
Dimensions, WxDxH, (mm) 939 x 764 (919 including front control) x 701
Weight, (kgs)

Machine 215kg, coolant tank 20kg

Voltage 220-240V - single phase - 50/60Hz, AC. 13A max 110V - single phase - 60Hz, AC. 13A max
Product Codes 359427 359427A
Slide Accessory Kits For slide sizes Code
Includes sample holder and set of flanges ø73 mm 76 x 26 mm 345718
76 x 51 mm 345719

Diamond Cup Wheels

Range of diamond cup grinding wheels for petrography. Other sizes available on request.

Size Micron Code
Ø 175 mm 65 345200
Diamond Cup Wheels

Vacuum Chuck for Cutting Section

Product Code: 345730


1 piece of 27x46 mm
1 piece of 28x48 mm
1 piece of 1"x2"

Product Code: 345729


1 piece of 30x45 mm
1 piece of 2"x2
1 piece of 1"x3"
1 piece of 1 1/2"x3"
1 piece of 2"x3"

Vacuum Holders (for Grinding compartment)

Product Code: 345730


3 pieces of 27x46 mm
3 pieces of 28x48 mm
3 pieces of 30x45 mm

Product Code: 345740


1 piece of 1"x2"
1 piece of 2"x2
1 piece of 1"x3"
1 piece of 1 1/2"x3"
1 piece of 2"x3"

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