Diamond Slurry / Slurries

We offer a comprehensive selection of Diamond Slurries and Suspensions that come in various forms such as oil soluble, water soluble, or emulsions. We carefully control the chemical composition of the carrier fluid to ensure compatibility with both the lapping plate and the components involved. At Kemet, we manufacturer our Diamond Slurries and Suspensions in adherence to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance standards, guaranteeing their high quality and reliability. Kemet's liquid diamond products provide several advantages:

  • Optimal viscosity and chemical composition in each Liquid Diamond and Diamond Slurry Product, enabling rapid stock removal and achieving exceptionally smooth surface finishes.
  • Our Kemet Electronic Dispensing System allows for easy and cost-effective dispensing of the products, eliminating wastage and reducing overall lapping expenses.
  • Components can be easily cleaned after lapping and polishing processes, simplifying the post-treatment procedures.
  • We offer a variety of carriers for our diamond products, including Type K (oil/water soluble), Type W series (water soluble), and Type O (oil soluble), catering to diverse application requirements.
  • Our diamond products are available in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond structures, offering options to suit specific needs.
  • Our diamond slurries and liquid diamonds are ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC*) and do not contribute to atmospheric pollution. Additionally, they provide significant health and safety benefits.
  • We offer a wide range of diamond grades, ranging from 1 micron to 45 microns, ensuring versatility and adaptability for various applications.
  • Standard pack sizes of 400g and 2000g are readily available, and we can accommodate other pack sizes upon request, providing flexibility to meet specific customer preferences.

Diamond slurries

Diamond Suspensions are also available for Metallographic and Petrographic sample preparation.

*ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature, some of which can be dangerous to human health and/or cause harm to the environment)
zero voc

Type K Diamond Slurry

Our Type K Diamond Slurry is an exceptional and versatile oil/water emulsion with a low viscosity. It is specifically designed for general-purpose lapping applications, offering outstanding performance across a wide range of materials and components. This diamond slurry ensures efficient stock removal while delivering superb surface finishes. Its carefully formulated oil-to-water ratio provides the ideal balance, allowing for smooth and consistent lapping operations. Whether you need to polish ceramics, metals, or other materials, our Type K Diamond Slurry is the perfect choice. zero voc

Type O Diamond Slurry

Our Type O Diamond Slurry is an outstanding oil-based suspension with a low viscosity, specially formulated for general-purpose lapping tasks. Its oil-based composition makes it particularly suitable for heavy parts and high-volume applications. This robust diamond suspension provides excellent lubrication and cooling properties, enabling efficient material removal and reducing friction during the lapping process. The carefully chosen oil base ensures optimal flow and coverage, making it easy to apply and work with. Whether you are working with large and demanding components or require high production volumes, our Type O Diamond Slurry is the ideal solution to achieve exceptional results. zero voc

Micron Type K Type O
400g 2kg 400g 2kg
Standard Strong Extra Strong Standard Strong Extra Strong Standard Strong Extra Strong Standard Strong Extra Strong
A 1 211004 211024 - 211084 211105 - 216004 216024 - 216085 216104 -
2 211005 211025 - - - - 216005 216025 216045 216081 216105 216136
3 211006 211026 211046 211086 211106 211126 216006 216026 216046 216086 216106 216137
4.5 211007 211027 211047 211087 211107 211127 216007 216027 216047 216087 216108 216138
B 6 211008 211028 211054 211088 211108 211128 216008 216028 216048 216088 216107 216139
8 211009 211029 - 211089 211109 211129 216009 216029 216049 216089 216109 216140
10 211010 211030 211050 211132 211110 211130 216016 216030 216050 216095 216110 216141
14 211011 211031 211051 211091 211111 211131 216011 216031 216051 216092 216111 -
C 25 211012 211032 211052 211092 211112 211133 216012 216032 216052 216090 216112 -
45 211013 211033 211053 - - - 216013 216033 216053 216094 216113 216144

A = Final Polishing B = Lapping & Prepolishing C = Rapid Stock Removal

FastCut - Diamond Lapping Slurry

Introducing our cutting-edge diamond abrasive slurry developed by our team of skilled chemists, FastCut. This revolutionary product offers an exceptional water-based solution that has been rigorously tested and has surpassed the performance of traditional oil-based alternatives by an impressive margin of up to 25%. FastCut represents the latest generation of water-soluble liquid diamond solutions. It has been meticulously formulated to provide outstanding results in various applications, delivering unparalleled stock removal capabilities. With FastCut, you can achieve remarkable efficiency and precision in your lapping and polishing processes.

One of the key advantages of FastCut is its ease of use and maintenance. It boasts excellent cleanability, making the post-lapping cleanup hassle-free and saving you valuable time and effort. Furthermore, this advanced slurry formulation ensures a non-foaming operation, preventing any unwanted disruptions during your work. Safety and environmental consciousness are paramount considerations in our product development. FastCut proudly boasts zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), guaranteeing a healthy and eco-friendly working environment. By eliminating harmful emissions, FastCut not only ensures the well-being of operators but also contributes to a sustainable future.

FastCut is available in a range of grit sizes, from 1 Micron to 25 Micron, providing versatility and flexibility to suit your specific needs. You can choose from convenient pack sizes of 400g or 2000g, catering to different usage requirements. For optimal performance and enhanced lubrication, we recommend using our specially formulated Lubricating Fluid Type W9 in conjunction with FastCut. This combination ensures seamless compatibility and maximizes the benefits of the FastCut diamond abrasive slurry, resulting in outstanding results and prolonged tool life.

Description Product Code
400g 2000g
FastCut 1 Micron 219416 219417
FastCut 3 Micron 219418 219419
FastCut 6 Micron 219420 219421
FastCut 8 Micron 219422 219423
FastCut 14 Micron 219424 219425
FastCut 25 Micron 219426 219427
fast cut diamond lapping slurry

What is Diamond Slurry

Diamond slurry is a suspension that comprises micron-sized diamond particles dispersed in a carrier fluid, typically water, oil, or compatible solvents. Its primary purpose is to facilitate controlled material removal from various surfaces while achieving exceptional surface quality through precise polishing. Diamond slurry incorporates synthetic diamond particles, carefully engineered to possess a controlled size distribution and shape. These particles serve as the abrasive component in the slurry, enabling efficient material removal. The carrier fluid acts as a medium to disperse the diamond particles evenly, facilitating their interaction with the surface being polished. Water, oil, or solvents are commonly used as carrier fluids, depending on the application requirements.

The properties of diamond slurry are influenced by several factors, including the size and shape of the diamond particles, concentration of diamond particles in the slurry, and the viscosity of the carrier fluid. The size of the diamond particles impacts the level of abrasiveness, with smaller particles allowing for finer polishing. The concentration of diamond particles affects the removal rate and the resulting surface finish. Viscosity of the carrier fluid affects the slurry's stability and ease of application.

Diamond slurry can be produced through various methods, including mechanical mixing and ultrasonic dispersion. Mechanical mixing involves blending diamond particles with the carrier fluid using mixing equipment to achieve a uniform suspension. Ultrasonic dispersion utilizes high-frequency ultrasonic waves to disperse and de-agglomerate the diamond particles within the carrier fluid, ensuring a homogeneous slurry. Diamond slurry finds extensive application in industries requiring precise surface polishing and finishing. It is commonly used in semiconductor manufacturing, optical component fabrication, metallography, gemstone polishing, and ceramics processing. Diamond slurry is particularly effective in achieving mirror-like finishes, removing surface defects, and creating precise flatness or smoothness.

The performance of diamond slurry is influenced by various factors, including particle size, concentration, carrier fluid viscosity, and application parameters such as pressure, speed, and duration of polishing. Selecting the appropriate diamond slurry requires consideration of the desired surface finish, material being polished, application requirements, and equipment compatibility. Proper safety precautions must be followed when handling diamond slurry. This includes using protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and lab coats to minimize direct contact with the slurry. Adequate ventilation should be ensured in the work area to prevent inhalation of potentially harmful particles or vapors. Proper storage of diamond slurry is also crucial to maintain its stability and prevent contamination.

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