Honing Machines

Vertical Single Stroke Machine

The Vertical Single Stroke series is a great product that we have developed basing on our decennial experience. The equipment is composed by: a Siemens PLC device, servo turnable cam, steel-structured machine body, lifting system, cooling system and other advanced devices. When matched with single pass honing tools, it has a high honing precision, a high working efficiency. Easy operation and simple service, making it suitable for the batch production of parts with high precision holes, especially gears and parts that respond to customer requires.


  • Easy service of the machine;
  • Operating area which resist to corrosion;
  • Programmes storage to memorise different functions;
  • Transmission of ball screw and linear guide, which guarantee pieces’ precision for the vertical honing;
  • Steel plate that ensure the fixture of pieces in a safe way.

Manual Honing Vertical Single Stroke Machine

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Ø Honing Range Ø 10-50 mrn
Spindle Speed 1-1500 rpm
Spindle Motor Power 4 kW /5.5 kW
Quantity of Spindles 4/6
Stroke Speed 0-105 mm/sec
Stroke 720 mm
Stroke Motor Power 2.5 KW (AC Servo Motor)
Turntable Speed 0-3 m/min
Motor Power 0.75 kW
Abrasive Grit Size
D 1 60 - 70
D 3 100 -120
D 5 200 - 230
D 7 240 - 300
D 8 325 - 400
D 0 600
D 00 1200

Manual Honing Machine

Manual Honing Machine is one of the best solution for honing inner holes. It has various features, for example:

  • Different dimension of the pieces
  • Very precise and low roughness
  • Easy using and versatile
  • Electromechanical
Diameter Range 5-75 mm
Spindle Speed-variable 0-1400 rpm
Coolant tank 35 I
Coolant oil DAMECOIL 2600
Coolant pump 0.5 hp
Size 800 x 900 x 1500 mm
Weight 400 kg
Total connected load 1.5 hp
Type of spindle drive By belt. pulley
Type of tool Expansion type and single pass tool

Manual Honing machine